Terms & Conditions

Once you place your order you will receive our VAT invoice

We accept Bank transfer, cash and card payments 

Distribution should be booked with secure payment one week before delivery starts, or minimum one day before delivery starts. 

Leaflets should be delivered to our place a minimum of 3 days before delivery starts.

When you place your order, you automatically agree to our terms. 



These conditions (“Conditions”) apply exclusively to each transaction (“Contract”) for the supply of services (“Services”) relating to leaflet delivery by SussexDistribution.com  (“the Company”) to a client (“the Client”) (together “the Parties”).


The Client warrants to the Company that it is entering into the Contract as principal and not as agent on behalf of any person, firm or company.




The price of the Services (“the Price”) is the Company’s quoted price.  All quotes are valid for a period of 30 days from the date of issue.


The Company is only bound by orders which it has accepted in writing. An accepted order can only be varied or cancelled with the Company’s consent. Company accept only advance payment. Delivery will start only if company received payment in full.

Promotional Material


The Client must supply sufficient promotional leaflets or materials (“Promotional Material”) to perform the Contract at least 1 week. The Client must deliver the Promotional Material to the address stated by the Company. All promotional material must be securely boxed.


All boxes the Client delivers to the Company must be clearly and accurately labeled on the outside of the box.


All materials are “counted” on receipt using precision counting scales.  Any significant discrepancies between items received and the items invoiced will be notified to the Client.  Notification of surplus items will include a choice of whether to recycle the material, keep for a future distribution/add to current invoice or collection by the Client.  


The Client warrants that Promotional Material will not infringe any copyright or intellectual property rights of a third party and will not be abusive or indecent or defamatory. The Client will indemnify the Company for and against any loss, damage, costs, expenses or other claims arising from breach of this warranty. 


Distribution Service Types


Share plan – Client leaflets will be distributed with a maximum of 4 additional non-competing Client leaflets. Clients will be able to choose areas in which they would like their leaflets delivered or list of streets. The Company reserves the right to include a company leaflets  for the purposes of recruitment, promotion or additional back-checking.



Solo – Client leaflets will be distributed with no accompanying leaflets.


Delivery of all services can be undertaken at any point during the delivery window entirely at the provider’s own discretion. 

The Company reserves the right to include a company leaflets  for the purposes of recruitment, promotion or additional back-checking.



Additional Costs 


The company is  registered for VAT and each Invoice will contain information about VAT registration number.


Late Payment


The Company reserves the right to  charge the Client  ‘statutory interest’ at 8% plus the Bank of England base rate for all late payments.





The Client may cancel the contract or any part of the contract with at least one week’s notice, by email or text. 




Please let us know if you accept our terms by returning this letter to us via email - sussexdistribution@gmail.com with your agreement of  our terms



You can request a refund within 2 weeks after delivery was complete if there is evidence that we did not provide what we promised; or if there is evidence that we did not deliver your leaflets in accordance with the agreed conditions; or that your leaflets were delivered after the agreed time; or if there was no warning that there would be a delay in the final agreed delivery date; or if your leaflets are found thrown away. For each case, you need to provide accurate information that we can verify on our part. After that, a decision will be made on compensation for the damage caused.




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