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Frequently asked questions




What can be delivered?

Any advertising and promotional material you can think of, from an A6 leaflet, all the way up to a multi-page brochure.

What’s the smallest order I can place?

The minimum amount of leaflets we accept to distribute is 1,000.

How do I get my leaflets to you?

You can drop your flyers for distribution at our office.  Larger quantities are usually sent to us from the printers directly.

Is the price the same for every area that I wish to distribute to?


There are some post code areas where properties are very spread out. Obviously this type of area takes longer to distribute to compared to a built up town area for instance. We can map the area and quote accordingly if you wish to have your leaflets distributed in these areas or villages. 


How do your leaflet distributors ensure they have delivered to all the streets in the area?


All our distributor recording their walk while deliver your leaflets with GPS Tracker devise. They can check on their phone where they was and where they need to go. All of them have Delivery Order with list of streets and map of the area. So they always know where they must deliver and can check that they do not missing any streets from the list.


Can I choose the exact areas where leaflets are delivered?

Yes, you can pick as few or as many areas as you want to reach. We can advise the best areas to target to reach the kind of people who are your ideal customers.

What time take to deliver 1000 leaflets?

Our team distributes weekly leaflets to at list 10,000 households.  We  deliver leaflets in the area of 16 miles radius around East Grinstead and we have minimum 2 distributors in each village/town. For example, distribution of 15,000 leaflets in Haywards Heath and to surroundings villages will take 2-4 weeks.

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