Sussex Distribution - It's a family business.

We established the company in late 2016 at the request of our friends to help them in the distribution of leaflets a week before Christmas.

We were so pleased to take walks through East Grinstead and the nearest villages and towns that we decided to do this business on a permanent basis.


In connection with the fact that apart from distribution of leaflets, the head of our family works in one of the largest engineering company in London, we distribute leaflets only three days a week.

I helped my husband with all the administration.

And sometimes we were go out together to distribute flyers, including our 1.5 years old daughter!


Then we had lots of request from new clients who was recommended from our existing clients. So we are expanding our team and now we able distribute to 15-20K property per week. In one month time we have a plan to distribute to 30,000 property each week.

We work hard to be able to provide our service to all local business in East Grinstead and surrounding areas.

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I had 3200% return of money invested in the leaflet distribution. No joke and no exaggeration.

— Marco RJM Home and Garden

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